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    APM Pneumatic Modulevel® For Boiler Feed Systems
    The APM series of Pneumatic Modulevels are displacer actuated level controls specifically designed for boiler service that provide output signals in direct proportion to changes in liquid level.
    As the buoyancy force on a displacer changes with liquid level movement, a range spring supporting the displacer extends or compresses, moving a magnetic ball. A magnet carriage within the controller head follows the ball producing a change in output.
    • Feedwater heaters
    • Steam drums
    • Deaerators
    • Hot wells

    • Highly stable output signal is unaffected by surface turbulence
    • Visual indicator is independent of air supply
    • Chambered or top-mounted configurations
    • Chambered models include try-cock and gauge glass connections
    • Suitable up to 300 pounds WSP
    • Electric high and low limit switches
    • Direct or reverse acting proportional output
    • Pneumatic to current interface transducer for electronic control
    • Cast iron and fabricated steel chambers
    • Differential gap option
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